Privacy Policy

Effective Date: September 5, 2016 stages coupons and promo codes from the apex brands from all over the world. This Website is directed towards the fulfillment of the demands of its members. It caters to all the necessities of the traders’ or marketers’ interest and value their amalgamation with spread across whole of the USA and other countries. is a website that is duly accountable for the secrecy of the personal information that is provided by the members or visitors to the website with full trust. It retains the dormancy and protects the private information through the clarity that it provides by elucidating the online practices and also renders those checkpoints that a customer would require as per his or her intentions that are personally recognizable. This website deems, rendering the way of our collection, usage of personal information and how the usage of cookies take place, as a significant thing to mention. After accessing one need not worry regarding the personal information they have rendered us. It is our respectable duty to look after the portions of the private domains provided by our members.


Collection of personal information

We collect information from the members’ registration on our site or subscription to our newsletter. While registration, as is apt, one is asked his or her name, telephone and fax number, e-mail address or zip code. It is our duty not to sell, resell, distribute, share, lease, rent, disseminate, transfer, transmit, or disclose the information that is provided to us to any of the third party not specifically authorized by you to receive your information.

Utilization of personal information

The information that a person or an individual provides is considered as registered and is also eligible for the transaction that would take place with the marketers present on this website i.e. the apex brands. We will use this information for the purpose of sending information on deals, promo codes, coupon codes, or coupons and newsletters. Personal details are not provided t other companies.

The information collected is used in the below mentioned ways:

  • Record keeping by the website
  • Improvement of business services
  • Sending promotional details about any of the updates related to the brands, best discounting options, etc.
  • One’s information might also be used for market research purposes either by e-mail or phone number.

Electronic Newsletters and Site updates is the site of the coupons which has to be updated with the latest update that the top brands offer. It goes through different kinds of day to day amendments in its design, features, and offers. Hence, the provision of electronic newsletters which are necessarily sent by the websites regarding the latest updates. The notifications and amendments are also there at the homepage of Customers can also eliminate themselves from the list of mailing, the steps to which are provided at the end of every mailed newsletter or website notification.

Usage of Cookies by the Website

The cookies are employed by the Website for some definite and specific objectives. Its requirement is for the ease of the browsing and login into the site. When the member logs in to the site, the system copies the cookies.

A text string of data is kept as a reserve in the computer. The function of a cookie is that it recognizes you when you next time log in to the website. When the website is accessed, a secured ciphered session cookie is sent by Us for validating your access. This cookie helps us to know the number of sections one visits and puts affirmation for. The traffic log cookies that are provided by Google help us to identify and analyze the web pages that are accessed in huge numbers by our esteemed members which open the scope for improvisation of the website.

Protection of data by the Website

We are duly responsible for the protection of the data provided by the customers. In order to prevent unauthorized access or revelation of the personal data, the website has deployed certain managerial, physical, and electronic procedures for the security of the information collected by the members, online. Nevertheless, these procedures come up with no concrete authorization that the transmitted information would in any way be secured. This implies that the whole risk is in the hands of the member who logs in.

Prohibition for the children


The sites that are connected with our website might contain such stuff which is obscene. Parental Control is highly compulsory for prohibiting the children to the access of the websites. Minors, below the age of 18 years, are not permitted to the access to the website. An eighteen year old person is permitted to use the website, not less than that.

Links to other websites

We provide links to other connected websites for coupon and coupon code information. The connected sites have their independent operation and hence, are not under the control of These sites working independently have their own Private Policies and Terms and Conditions which are strictly preferred by to go through once by the members of the website for their own security. The content, products, or services offered by their sites are not under the control of the proprietor of These are accessed at the sole risk of the member.

The information to the residents of the Countries outside USA

The personal information that is provided by the customers to the website is either transferred to us to the United States or to our agents, amalgamates, partners, traders, or service providers present anywhere in the whole world. Rendering us the personal information, one should consent to these access and transfers. You also agree that Personal Information may be subject to access requests from governments, courts, law enforcement officials, and National security Authorities in the United States’ Laws. We are accountable to protect the privacy and security of personal information according to our mentioned statements in the Private Policy, irrespective of where it is stored or processed.

Our contact Information

Being in frequent access with the website, a member might show his or her desire to contact the people involved in the creation of the Website. They have the full freedom to contact us through sending emails, feedback or even by filling the contact forms available on our website. This information or data would be utilized for the purpose of sending answers to the corresponding members in the form of suggestions or answer for the queries. For availing the customer services, one needs to fill the "Contact Us" forms.